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Help, trying to understand arospecs


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I am struggling to understand some part of arospec. Maybe it is because I need to try to understand to ease the pain of my breakup.


For alloaro (hope I am using the right word) or someone who may be on the arospec, how do you feel when is it too much to be in relatioship even if everything meet (communication, respect, support, sex etc..) ? Like is the pressure to be in a amatonormative relationship that give the feeling of something off and not being able to enjoy the good part of the relationship ? How did you accept that part of not being romantic (having the desire to love and be the one that can love but not being able to feel it thus feeling that pain - that's how he explains it to me) ? Did knowing that you can put a label on it helped you ?


I am new to aromantism (and don't think I am) but it echoes with how my ex felt towards me and relationship in general. But I am ok with that aspect and felt love and affection from how he expresses it so I can't quite understand why if I am ok with it, what didn't work ? I don't know it getting some insight would help me. Maybe I just need to accept that.

I am sorry if I missuse word, don't hesitate to correct me.

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