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I'm Aroace


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Hello folks my name is @jesus dario i'm 22 years and i think than i'm aroace is say a person than is asexual and arromantic are the abbreviature of arromantic and asexual i put the Aroace label because defines perfectly my personality my sexual orientation and romantic orientation but sometimes the people confuse the arromantic and asexual terms but both terms are different a person can be asexual and experience romantic atraction an arromantic can experience sexual but i'm aroace i don't experience sexual atraction neither romantic atraction i don't feel noone intrisic desire in realize an sexual activity with anothers and neither i don't feel noone feelings of crushes toward anothers persons i dont feel those romantic feelings toward noone the relationship aren't desire to me and i'm totally merry withme because so that live with these 2 labels that fits perfectly with me i define me with the aroace label i'm merry with this label.

i'm aroace happy with this label #iamaroace



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