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Looking for subtle Aromantic merch

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Hello! I cannot and have not come out to my family yet, but I would still like some aromantic merch that Is subtlety aromantic. I am looking for stuff that the average person doesn't know is aromantic. I am looking specifically for pins, stickers, shirts, bracelets, rings, etc. 

Does anyone know anything that matches what i'm looking for? 

This is a good example of what I am talking about: 


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12 hours ago, LIVI0 said:

found some on etsy. spoiler 4 less space

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subtle aro bar pin

subtle aro socks which might not be as subtle bc its literally just the flag tho

aro flower iphone case if u have an iphone

aro bird pin

aroace bracelet set of 3

aro angel pin


Tysm, :)

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Try an aro ring. It's super subtle, and as far as I know, is identifiable almost exclusively by fellow aros. It's simply a white ring worn on the left middle finger, simple as that. Such an item is widely available and easy to find a good price for.

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