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What does means to be arromantic? with Jesus Dario


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An arromantic person is that than doesn't experiences romantic atraction toward others and doesn't has the need to have partner or a romantic relationship, intimacy with anywhere person moreover the arromantic person doesn't the need to receive or share gifts so romantic such as: chocolates, flowers bouquets, chocolates box and serenades the arromantic people would experience sexual atraction there are others persons that are identify as arromantic and are they asexuals don't there is than confuse the arromantic term with asexual moreover of the asexuality lack of sexual atraction the arromanticism is a romantic orientation but exist others subidentities that are down the arromantic umbrella the arromanticism is an spectrum.

The arromantics would experience sexual atraction?

The arromantics are they don't experience romantic atraction but they would experience sexual atraction according to the arromantics don't look the need to have couple or live with she or with him but there are arromantics persons that are asexual they're identify as aroaces are such as asexuals and arromantic.

Moreover the arromantic people don't have the need to enter into a romantic relationship with anywhere person as grab on of the hands give or receive hugs of their partner kiss or receive kiss of dear someones arromantic persons are unconfortable with their couple the arromantics would prefer are living in loneliness the arromantics still may feel that desire to have sexual relationship with the other person here the romantic love among both doesn't there is or exists if the both persons are aroaces.

The arromantics feel love?

Offcourse moreover the arromantics would feel love not of the romantic typic if not platonic there are others types of atraction the arromantics persons feel love, love per their pets families but don't the romo love with their partner the arromantics don't feel that affect to be with other person but they would live a night of passion but would to be what passion isn't equal to love.

The arromantics have couple? 

Theare arromantics persons that don't have partner but others choice have partner the arromantics don't experience romantic atraction neither romantic feeling the couples of arromantics are zuccini 

What is zuccini?

Zuccini is the term used for name to somebody that has an squish relationship with that person is equivalent of girlfriend and boyfriend.


I'm arromantic too when i was studying at the school don't i had an emotional relationship neither romantic with the classmaters of my classroom and i think that feel me alone isn't bored for me have partner is play with the feelings of one.

if i had got bride or boyfriend i'll be sad because for me the romantics relationships is uncorfortable in that case and if somebody has a romantic relationship with me and later they go i don't cry becausen't i haven't partner with who share my best moments is because i don't watch the need to share mooments of my love with somebody that i don't love is maybe that i don't heart but i would have the ice heart is alone that i'm singer and avoid anywhere relationship for me so i'm prideous to be arromantic i deserve the arromantic label.

That is arromantic person thanks...

























































































































































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