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Confused about sexuality?

Guest Ender

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Guest Ender

I have a dilemma 

         So I think the only had one real crush but I honestly can’t remember since I was in like 6th grade. Besides that I have had what I think is romantic attraction once to a fictional character for like an hour and then it never happened again. And it’s kinda weird because I can’t imagine them as a person with a body (it’s a book character) and whenever I try I can’t imagine liking the person any more. 

      Sometimes I get the “butterflies in stomach” thing people talk about but it feels more like anxiety. I hate when it happens and even thinking about doing anything romantic with the person disgusts me.

        I also have "nightmares” about having crushes on people? Like its terrifying. I know I’m the only person who can really tell my romantic orientation but it would be nice to have some advice on this matter. Thanks!

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