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To date or not


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The recent year I've been thinking about maybe dating but I'm not sure. I'll write some of my experience and others could give their opinions or share some experiences of your own.

I haven't been on a date in about 9 years, since the time I figured out I was aromantic. Back when I did date the pattern was usually the same. The first date was enjoyable most of the time. We'd have a good time talking and perhaps make out a bit which I really like. But by the third date, if we got that far, I'd feel really bored and kinda trapped. I also never had a good sexual experience for anything beyond making out. I'm not sure if that is because I was inexperienced and didn't know about my asexuality though. Since then I've started to explore my own body and I enjoy masturbation.

I'm considering trying out some online dating apps because I feel it might be a good way to more deliberately search for people with similar values as me. I consider myself a relationship anarchist and single for life. It would be nice to meet others with that mindset but I'm concerned that at the end of the day most people just go on dating apps to get romance or sex. The former is repulsive to me and the later I'm kinda positive to in theory but it's not a priority for me at all. I know I could just try it out and see but setting it up and looking around takes time and energy, so I'm trying to figure out if it's worth it.

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Thanks @Sad aro

I think the reason I'm not sure about it is I just don't have the information. I'm thinking maybe dating would be an effective way to meet more people with similar values as me who wants to form new connections. But as I put it I'm concerned that pretty much everyone only dates for romance or sex. I feel like the only way to find out would be to try it but it's a lot of work to choose apps, create profile, meet up with people, I'm not sure it's worth the time since it might likely come to nothing. But at the same time I won't know unless I try.


@Sad aro

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