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Aromantic stories.


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Heyyy (first post here, so I don't actually know what I'm doing haha). 

Something I would say affected my life, as a suspected aro, would be the heartbreak I felt while "loosing" a friend. About a year ago, the closest friend I ever had got into a romantic relationship and took distance from me, because apparently I wasn't on their priorities anymore or something. And it was one of the most painful things I experienced, I'm still not over it, even after more than a year. And nobody seems to understand why I felt that heartbroken because we were "just friends" to everybody, and it seems that friendship doesn't mean a lot to romantic people, I don't know.

Well that's all, have a good night/day everyone


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I discovered I was aromantic by being in a romantic relationship with someone. It didn't go well for me, I wasn't feeling good and I kept questioning our relationship (I already knew I didn't have feelings, but I thought they develop if I waited a little). After a few months my partner pointed out the problem and we broke up, and I started identifying as aro from there.

Although I've started looking into it cause a friend said that might be me

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