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Ugh, people can be rude can’t they

Sabrina F

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I mean i don’t blame the person and I’m not that mad just disappointed and sad. I’m wanting a life partner a Qpr ans i said how I’m worried I’ll run out of time and they were like you don’t run out of time you can find someone at 70 and I’m all like wow thanks that makes me so relieved /s


idk i feel like this is an aro board So feeling a need for partnership only makes sense to some and not all but i just needed to say this to someone


 I’mgrey romantic and it’s like, my “dating” pool is so limited as it is now.

i don’t think that person really understands what it’s like to be aro ace (or in my case double grey) and wanting a good long term irl friendship-relationship-thing. Theyre actually both sexual and romantic and in a partnership so they’re kind of removed from the worry i have, so I can’t really blame them, but even so it hurt to have them minimize my worry.


 Thanks for reading… i just had to say it to someone.

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17 minutes ago, Ted guy said:

I'm sorry you are going through this. I dont know much about Grey.

What's the difference between that and aro

grayro folks occasionally exp romantic attraction; but the attraction felt is too rare/weak for it to be considered alloro exp. while aro as an umbrella term stands for some1 who exp lil to no romantic attraction. but it can also be a label on its own; usually means 1 exp strictly no romantic attraction

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