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Aro alternatives to monogamy/QPP


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Are you non-monogamous? Are mono allo-aro, and QPP relations off the table for you?

If so good, thats who I made this post for. I wanted to explore every non-monogamous relationships that may work for our needs. Now I want to list out some realistic alternatives that aros have right now, good, great, and meh. 

There are small friend groups. (mostly only one aro) (These groups are the most unstable and susceptible to allo preoccupation with their partners)

polycules of aromantics (mostly online). Some meet every so often for events.

Maybe some Aros live close by, or share apartment. This becomes an aro  aro friendship. (Probably just two people maybe three if these aros are lucky).

Now we get tricky. Polyamory relationships. Can an aro be in a poly relationship? There is no monogamy but there is still romantic preference over friendship.

RA. Relationship Anarchy. Now this isn’t one type of relationship, you can have many variations.  

Solo Polyamory. Basically it’s a less romantic version of polyamory. Solo poly people are permitted to have a single lifestyle rather than being intertwined to their…”partners” I hate that word lol. Comrades. 

What other alternatives did I miss? 

For me personally each of these kinda sucks except the Relationship Anarchy  option. Im not completely favorable towards the solo poly model if I can’t live with multiple people due to some people wanting the full single lifestyle advantage package.

There is one more thing I wanted to add. Aros who are non monogamous do have a lot in common with poly people. This is my opinion but, If you can find a non romantic poly circle of friends, that could work.

I think it would be easier to find poly people than aros. I don’t know why I think that though, maybe it’s because poly people aren’t societally invisible the way aros are.

If there are more polys It seems much more convenient than the alternative. Rare aros.


But what type of non monogamous relationship are you looking for? What are your thoughts on poly people being with aros?


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An online aro friend group, more specifically United with career or friend purposes, that gets so close that they decide to move to one area nearby one another so they can talk irl as well. This is probably the rarest and most specific but that sounds awesome tbh.

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Seriously though I’d love to gain close friends online first, because one tends to be more understanding and open to talking, while also being more safe. Then as time goes on they can be sure of each others legitimacy and make a nice platonic friend group that could extend past there! :D

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