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Sexual Relationships when You Are Sexual but Aromantic

Jack Ross

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Has anyone managed to have a sexual relationship despite being aromantic?  If others have accomplished this, maybe I can, too.  I have always been sexually attracted to women my age.  I have also had women friends.  But when I try to do anything, it falls apart.  Although women expect romance, I am not interested in romance at all.  Friends, yes.  Sex, yes.  Mixing the two to make romance?  No.  It doesn't work at all.  The interaction goes like this: 1) I say to her: I like you.  2) She says to me: You like me?  Well, let's see some romance.  3) I say: Huh?  4) She says: You don't like me at all.  5) I say: Untrue, I do like you.  6) She says: You must want to just be friends.  7) I say: No, I was thinking more along sexual lines.  8) She says: Well, show some romance.  9) I say: Huh?  10) She says, exasperated: We can be friends, but I am going to sleep with Mr. X over there, who can understand me.

This has been going on for decades.  Has anyone broken this endless loop of frustration?  How did you do it?

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Yes, but I'm feeling shy to narrate the tale. I just got here (after lurking for years) and I'm feeling self conscious.


This being said , I'm HAPPY to see Aro-allo content 💚 and that Aro-allo people exist 😍💯💫 and that Aro-Allo people breathe🫶🏽🥺 and that Aro-Allo people live their day to day life . How beautiful. (Thinking that since I'm inspired I could copy paste what I just said as a positivity post for Aro-Allos)


( And when I say aro-allo, greysexies are free to identify , only you know if you're involved or not)

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Yeah. It's difficult, especially when you factor in other things like gender, ability to drive, race, etc., but it's possible. I find it works out best with other allo aro folks; I've got a close friend who's also aro and we've been fwb for a few years now.

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