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Small vent (c/tw)


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I'm tired of beating myself up. Being harsh on myself all the time. I'm tired of thinking of my past life. And tired of seeing the bad, dramatic events from source on YouTube. It stresses me out. I'm tired of thinking period. I'm tired of it all. Yesterday I had a depressive episode, and cried. I'm sick of mental health. I'm in such a place that it's a struggle to even care about my own mental health. I'm sick of being away from my brother, and missing him so much. Please make it stop. Make it go away. I want to stop being harsh on myself. I ant the demons to leave me alone. I want the stress of a past life to stop. I want it to stop. I want to have good mental health, and not be annoying to everyone. It's why you all hate me, and everyone in real life hates me, just everyone. I'm just too annoying. I feel weak because of my mental health. I'm sick of caring. I just want to scream. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for wasting your time.

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I promise I don't hate you and you don't need to be sorry. I'm really sorry for you and I really hope you start feeling better. If u need to talk to anyone, I'm here :)

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You’re not wasting anyone’s time, and don’t be sorry for talking about your mental health. Just remember to try and keep going no matter what. I’m sorry you’re going through this and I hope you get to see your brother soon. :)

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