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Brand New Meetup in New York/New Jersey

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Hello everyone!


I'm brand new to Arocalypse, so please be nice! :D I was sent here by a fellow aro who recommended that I spread the word about this new meetup that I just started: meetup.com/NY-NJ-Aromantic-Meetup


It's for anyone who falls on the aromantic spectrum, or is curious to learn more about the topic, who lives in the New York/New Jersey area. (I may expand the radius of the group in the future.) I think it would be awesome for aros living near each other to meet and greet! We will be holding monthly discussions and social events.  If you think you may be interested, click the link above for more information, and feel free to create a Meetup account and join the group.  We will be holding our first discussion next Wednesday, August 24th in NYC! Please RSVP through Meetup if you would like to attend!


I assume that this was the correct place to post this topic, however, if it is not, please let me know where else this should be posted.  Thanks!


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