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Friend Breakup song

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So I don't think I've shared this before, but I found this music artist Blü Eyes who I discovered though tiktok and they have a song called "Breakup with a Friend"..  I thought this was really cool because there are a lot of songs about romantic relationships and breakups, but not many specifically about friendships. 



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22 hours ago, KoconutBounty said:

i also changed the lyrics to the chorus of a song to fit a vent i wanted to make about a toxic 'friend' from the song '10 things I hate about you'

yall wanna see it?

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(Lyrics changed to fit the feelings I wanted to get across)

'Ten, you're selfish,

nine, you're jaded

Eight, the most toxic girl I was friends with

Seven, talk a big game 'til you're called out

Only six seconds, and I had to fake it

Five, you're toxic

four, can't trust you

Three, you still got mommy issues

Eleven years of your toxcicity I can't undo

One, I hate the fact that you made me love you'

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