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Although I don't like movies where it's over the top or anything or song specifically about being intimate with other I do enjoy a good love song especially from Musical Theatre or of that style. As for Movies/Shows part of why I love Star Trek Discovery is the scenes we see between all the couples on there. Like I go and seek out Detmer/Owoshekun, Saru/T'Rina and Staments/Culber fan fics of them being cute together because I like it so much even though I'm AroAce. If you enjoy it then continue to do so. After all gay people liking a romance movie with straight relationships doesn't make them any less gay so why should romance make us any less AroAce

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It's not weird. Plenty of aros like love songs and such.

Side note: Whenever Spotify decides to give me a love song and it's catchy/sounds good, I add it to an ever-growing playlist called "Attraction't". I do that to guarantee that I'll never have my liked songs playlist filled with songs about sex/romance. Am I the only one that has a playlist like that?


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