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Hi I’m Brin, I’m a teen (uncomfortable sharing my age), and I’m aroace! I just made an account here recently, and I have the same username on TrevorSpace and AVEN. I first found out that I was aroace about this time last year, my family had COVID on my winter break so there wasn’t much to do. I ended up deciding that I wanted to learn about some different sexualities and queer identities other than the ones that are always talked about (gay, lesbian, bi, etc). At some point I came across ace, and in turn (as they’re often talked about together), aro. I’d heard of these terms before but I didn’t really know what they were, but after learning a bit, I realized I related some and that I wanted to keep learning more, so I learned about many different a-spec identities, and came to find that I might be Aegoromantic and Apothisexual. I’m still not entirely sure, but it’s what I say to myself a lot, and I generally just say aroace to other people, it’s just easier. Anyways, I love things like Zelda, Starwars, Marvel, Hamilton, dance (especially tap), theatre, band (I’m a flute in band), etc. :)

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