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Sexual orientation article on Britannica

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Can someone add a good paragraph about aromanticism? There is one about asexuality, which mentions aromanticism, but no actual, stand-alone paragraph about aromanticism.

Asexuality is characterized by an enduring lack of sexual interest or attraction. Asexual people (often called “aces”) may or may not additionally be aromantic—that is, lacking interest in romantic relationships; it is also possible to be aromantic in combination with another sexual orientation. Many asexual people enjoy being in romantic relationships, and some engage in sexual activities but without desire. Aces may or may not experience arousal or orgasm or engage in masturbation. The term graysexual is sometimes used to describe someone who rarely experiences sexual attraction or who has sexual feelings but little sexual desire. Demisexual refers to people for whom sexual attraction is only possible in the context of emotional or romantic attraction.

Also, sexual orientation is defined as this: sexual orientation, the enduring pattern of an individual’s emotional, sexual, and/or romantic attraction. In science, sexual orientation is often divided into the three components of attraction, behaviour, and self-identification. 

Isn't romantic orientation a separate thing?

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The thing is : only people in aces and aros community differentiate sexual and romantic orientation. Maybe a paragraph that adds something about the SAM would be great, but I don't think we can ask allo-allos to conform to a model they have no use of. That's just my opinion.

It is annoying though that it leads aromanticism to always be linked to asexuality and they should separate them in the article.

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