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I don't understand how people interpret "A STARE"

Ted guy

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Starring is something that baffles me

90% of the time I stare at someone, it's because I want to socialize with them, or ask a question.

Other times I will be observing something.


But here is the part that really confuses me

They seem to interpret my stare as "HEY, HE IS TELLING ME HE LIKES ME (IN AN ATTRACTION WAY).

After this, the person will begin starring at me in the following days (when before they didn't). Or they will be trying to get my attention. They seem interested.


I've also noticed when they stare and toss in a smile, they are trying to get me to introduce myself. It's a green light.

Again, I don't really understand it.

It almost tells me I can date anyone I want. 

In my mind, only a few people should be interested in me. 

It's weird to me.

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