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Sheffield Aces and Aros!

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**Calling people in or near Sheffield (UK) who are on the asexual and/or aromantic spectrums**

I'm setting up a group aiming to create a community of aspec people in/around Sheffield (UK) for meet-ups and activities. If this appeals to you, you can:

The first event will be a café meet-up on Saturday 12th November, location tbc via the mailing list and Facebook group Please spread the word to anyone who you think might be interested! 

Thanks for reading,

I'm really excited about this group!



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The first meet-up for this group is going to be Saturday 12th November (next Saturday), 2-4pm at Ambulo, which is the café attached to the Millennium Gallery (entrance on Arundel Gate – Google Maps location).

It will be a relaxed social gathering and people can drop in and out as they wish. Anyone of any age who is anywhere on the asexual and/or aromantic spectrums is welcome!

More information about the group can be found at https://sheffacesandaros.wordpress.com/(more information about this meet-up is on the Events page).

Feel free to spread the word and let me know if you have any questions!


🖤🤍💜 💚🤍🖤

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