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Wait That’s Real?!


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Ya know that moment when you’re reading a book/watching a movie/listening to a song and romance/romantic attraction comes up and it sounds fake but then you find out it’s NOT in fact fake?  And you’re like :0

I just watched the movie A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum (it’s a 60’s musical adaptation of a Roman comedy) and I’m like 70% percent sure the attraction in the movie is exaggerated for comedic purposes but I’ve also thought that about many things in the past and it turned out to be real… but no way that’s actually how attraction feels right?

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I don't know...the way my friends got obsessed over the members of BTS, like how the girls in Turning Red are obsessing over 4*town? Pretty sure it's real. Plus that moment hwere Meilin Lee went AWOOGA! at that teenage cashier working in the store 😳

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