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How did humble-bragging become so common?


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... and also complain-bragging (which is even worse and more common):

"Give me hugs, I ruined my new $2000 dress while replacing a tire on my Lamborghini 😔".

Now everyone and their dog is doing it.

It's everywhere.

It became so pervasive that even I started doing it, though I'm generally considered very wise and mature and usually stand above such silly games. Ooops...

Seriously, I can't imagine that there was another era where humble-bragging was a thing.

It started around ten years ago. Nobody likes it. We know it's totally unconvincing. But we still keep doing it. Why??

Also dating is full of it, of course. Romantic humble-brags OMG. 🤢

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Late-stage narcissism. Eventually their narcissistic endeavours will become too worthless to sustain without complete collapse of the ego or drastic change in life styles, views and mindsets. When one conforms like this, they do it to either try to stand out (compete) or to be treated better by their like-minded peers, but it doesn't work because others do it for selfish reasons and are too concerned or preoccupied about their own appearances, possessions, worries and relationships to spare a thought let alone time and energy for a competitor apparently trying to win their praise and favours.

Now if you excuse me, I have a '92 Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon to finish off with my baron friends.

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