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hiya! local aro bi walkin in


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Hey, I'm Max! I'm a 20smth trans guy (he/they/it) and aromantic bisexual! Apparently I was on this forum a long time ago, like several years, and by now I've completely forgotten what's happened then, so this is a whole new intro!

I was given the link by someone in my local aspec club's discord, because I had been venting about so-called aspec spaces being extremely biased towards the comfort of sex-repulsed asexuals, to the point where I felt very uncomfortable and alienated as an aro bi who's very much a sexual person and wants to express how that intersects with my aromanticism without hurting and being hurt by other people - Arocalypse was recced because y'all have a pretty good number of aroallos talking about their experiences, which sounds like a place I need in my life!

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At the moment yeah, there has been interesting discussion on aromantic sex, i would really recomend the thread under intersectionality devoted to aro sexual orientations as a starting point. We're also holding a poll at the moment to make an aro adults category, which might be useful in that regard.

anyway, hope you like it here, there is plenty to discuss and i certainly think that sort of thing should be discussed more.

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