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Questioned my aroness...and was proven that I am indeed aro...again


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So...I was scared that I might've been starting to like a friend, but that was really just me mixing up sensual attraction with romantic attraction...again. Cause you see they thought that they'd liked me before and it turns out we're both aro...now I'm apothiromantic...but like I would totally platonically kiss someone, but if they meant it romantically...covid rules apply...as in 6 feet apart or further please. So yeah I also figured out I'm on the aplatonic spectrum (demiplatonic)...and once I figured that out it really just clicked. How the realization occurred: "Oh SHIT!! I would not date this friend!! I literally see them as a family member and I you know platonically kiss my family members (kinda obvious about the platonic). I'm just bi/pansensual and demiplatonic!!". So yeah I just wanna kiss ma friends and hug them...though I'm perfectly fulfilled with hugging...I just need to hug more people. CURSE SENSUAL ATTRACTION (respectfully so)!!

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