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How do you know if you're greyromantic?

Guest Anonymous


Guest Anonymous

I'm looking to hear about greyro people's experiences and how they figured out their romanticism

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Hi there!
I'm grey-aro. I didn't come to that conclusion easily. For the longest time I thought I was alloromantic. I have had a couple "actual" romantic attractions, and a handful of "well, this person might be fun to date" thoughts that may or may not count as very minor romantic attraction.
Ultimately, what makes me believe that I am right in adopting the grey-aromantic label is that I think about dating people and then think "ew, no" along with a realization that I want to stay single and would ultimately probably be happier that way. Also..... sometimes the idea of romance just seeems..... incredibly odd.

I don't think there's any harm in trying a label on for size and giving it some time to see if it feels right. And ultimately, I figure that my labels are my knowledge of what I am to the best of my ability to understand my current self. If I gain experience in the future that my labels are off, that's 100% okay. I can always change the label.

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