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How do I bring up the subject of wanting to be in a QPR with someone?

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So I've essentially fallen head over heels for someone platonically or at least I think I have. Who knows honestly. Anyways, I want to bring up the topic of platonic relationships with him, but I haven't got a clue how especially since he's in a romantic relationship currently. I don't want to make things awkward considering my experiences are different than most people and often hard to relate to.


For any context necessary, I am a grayaro ace trans guy, and he's a cishet guy (with a gf). 

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You could introduce the concept of QPRs as an alternative form of friendship, one wherein the relationship doesn't conform to any set of societal expectations of what friends would be. From there, if they're interested, you would talk about potential boundaries in this relationship should it happen to occur.

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