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Really cool thing I wasn't aware of till quite recently.

Aces and Aros has a map of communities.

Cool idea, something I was really hoping for and never realised already existed. Looks like its largely ace groups at the moment but there are quite a few aimed at both aces and aros on there.


If people here are involved in any groups which are not shown on their map it would be really awesome if you let them know. I'm sure there must be plenty they do not know about.

I know a lot of people here sometimes mention not being able to meet others in real life so a map like this is a useful thing to have if it is well used enough to show meetings.


edit: I'm getting a bit confused between TAAAP and Aces and Aros. I initially said this was a TAAAP (the ace and aro advocacy project) thing. I found it from their site but I think they just linked to it and it was actually created by Aces and Aros. Sorry about that.

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