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i am so confused

Guest nesi


Guest nesi

i just found out about aromantic

since i was younger i knew that something was different when the topic is romance 

i dated before but in a certain point i just start questioning how do i know that i liked that person 

i always thought that i just can’t understand how i know that i like some person, but know i’m just concluding that i just can’t like people that way 

everytime i thought i liked someone was just me confusing a strong connection with “love” 

i like kissing, i like affection, but i just know that i don’t like it in a romantic way 

i would like affection if my friends give it to me; and I can imagine me kissing people just to kiss them and not in a romantic way

i’m still not sure if i am , but it would help if someone give me ia view 

(sorry about de english, im portuguese)

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