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My uni's lgbt+ alliance is holding a pre-pride week, should I attend?

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So, as the title says. There are some events I would like to go to, like a vogue ball or a talk on lesser known identities, but I'm not really out as aromantic (though I think some members of the lgbt alliance+ can tell im some flavor of queer). I already know people are gonna ask questions about my identity and I don't know how to answer without lying or outing myself. What should I do? I don't think I'm ready to come out yet...

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I know the internet has made it trendy to put every minute detail of your identity into a carrd at gunpoint, but irl queer spaces generally aren't like that. Most people know that not everyone is going to tell strangers their identity- Be it for safety reasons, or just because it's none of their business. You may get some assumptions made, sure, but generally not in any sort of mean-spirited fashion, and it's unlikely that anyone will ask you for details. If they do, you can just politely say you're not comfortable answering yet, that you're queer, or that you're still questioning. If anyone pressures you to explain to the point of it being uncomfortable, find someone else and let them know what's going on, I'm sure people will back you up.

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