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Aromanticism and Dominant Religions


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we have a few good threads on the intersection between aromanticism and religion in the sense of what our own practice is, and talk a bit about perhaps the religion we were raised in. But I think that leaves out an interesting question on what effect the dominant religion around you has on your identity. for example an agnostic aro in, say, the US will have a different experience of religion than an agnostic aro in Morocco. And even within that different areas of each country will have different affects on how we live our lives.

So has anyone here noticed an effect from the religions of those around them impacting the way they live their lives as an aro.

In my case the obvious one is that UK law grew out of a christian tradition, being made by a country run by mostly christians and that extends to laws about marriage and how people live their lives.

A few years back there was a law introduced to give a clever tax break to married couples. In practice what it meant was one partner could transfer some of their earnings to their other half. As there is a minimum you have to earn before you start paying tax this reduced the tax payed by the earning partner but if the other partner didn't exceed that minimum they would not pay any more tax.

Its just a small thing but I think it is clear to me that the dominant religion of the party in charge being christianity had an effect on that law being passed.

There is also the effect I have of a dominant religious ambivilence in the country. (I remember a study done where if you changed the wording on the 'what is your religion' census question you could swing the result by a massive amount). There will be plenty of people bleating about how we are a christian country but in practice if the leader of the church of england tries to tell us anything about politics he gets the middle finger. So a lot of traditions and ideas stick around even if they aren't liked simply because that is just how things are.

What this seems to mean is that genuine questions about why our laws relating to romance are the way they are is met with ambivilence, even if to a large portion of the population the laws dont seem great. A really good example of this is that until the very recent 2020 bill on divorce one party HAD to make accusations of the others conduct in order to get a divorce.

This is one that I luckily avoided, but if I had forced myself into a relationship and ended up married, then we couldn't amicably break up as I finally admit to myself that romance does nothing to me, there would have to be a blame game.



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