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What if I want a romantic relationship?

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I've been grappling with my orientation for a little bit. About three years ago, I settled on biromantic asexual. Because I've imagined myself in a relationship, and fantasized about being with multiple genders. However, this month started to change that. Because I had noticed I was asexual, I kind of recognized the signs for me not experiencing attraction. I was thinking about it, and I realized I've never had a crush on anyone. In theory, I see my future-self in a relationship, but I've never had a real crush on anyone. I've planned on eventually having a relationship, and still want one eventually, but it has never been a priority, nor have I actually been attracted to anyone in that way.

Is that enough to call myself aromantic?

I know from my experience in the asexual community, that people there can enjoy sex and still not experience sexual attraction toward people, so is this the same, or does aromantic imply the lack of wanting a relationship too?

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You definitely can call yourself aromantic! Labels are just a way to communicate your experiences. Remember that aromanticism is an entire spectrum.

Another term you can look into is Aegoromantic. Aegoromantic describes a person with romantic fantasies or enjoys romance, but doesn't feel romantic attraction.

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Some aros want a romantic relationship, some don't, some are indifferent. None of those experiences make them any less aro.

You might also find the term cupioromantic fitting.

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