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Help? I might be aro but not sure

Guest Magicman447

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Guest Magicman447

Hi friends, I just learned about aromanticism and am trying to figure out if I'm aro. I've only ever had a kind of logical acknowledgement of, "hey, this person and I get along really well and I'm sexually attracted to them" as a way of deciding if I could be in a relationship with them and apparently that's not what romantic attraction is? It's not just friends you want to have sex with? I don't understand what the emotional romantic attraction even is, and maybe that's a sign in itself but I figure you guys know more about this than I do and might be able to help me out. Thanks!

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Hello! I actually won't be able to tell you what romantic attraction is as I don't feel it either. 

But Having sexual attraction is different from having romantic feelings you may want to have sex with someone but not wanting more than sex.

You can read the topics on this forum maybe it will help you find out if you are aro or not but be sure that nobody else than you can really know.

I don't know your age but sometimes it takes time to find who you really are. I am 39 soon 40 and I found about aromanticism  a bit more than a year ago. Reading about it, the testimonies of people here or in instagram really helped me to figure out that I am aro and always were. I have never been in a relationship in my entire life, never been in love, never been interested in having a relationship. As far as I remember I always wanted to be alone and never imagined myself with anyone. I just know that I am aesthatically attracted to men and not women. 

Just listen to yourself and don't let people put pressure on you. You can have the life you want to have, nobody has the right  to say anything about it

if you really are aro  there is nothing wrong with you, you can be really happy as well. 

Don't hesitate to hask more question if you need 



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