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is it necessary crush in ur opinion or it can be alterous too?

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soo for while i felt like identify as aroflux or alloromantic , still not sure to wich one really fits me most

so there is this girl, she is rn my girl friend bestie { both bestie and girl friend at time but lean to qpr mostly }

so she confessed to me 2-3 month ago, or 3-4 month dont know exactly XD

so i did not have feelings for her or if it was it was sooo mild crush/friendship idk what it was tbh XD

but one day she asked me if can she get another partner to and i said its okay but for few weeks i was so jealous and i cried, but ye cause i scared i lose her and she break up with me { that time we was in romantic relationship }

but now they are girl and boy friend and im happy for them and i enjoy seeing them doing lovey dovey stuff but if they dont pay attention to me i get jelly for sure , its like if two friend talk together and ignore me i feel jelly as well, i hate to feel ignored tbh :,I/ =,=

{ im jealous person in general for friend partner parents for anything and anyone u can think XD }

but now i have all romantic signs, blushing and a bit heart beat , thinking most time about them, loving them a lot wanting doing lovey dovey stuff and all but i dont need to see they see me as gf or friend, i want them to love me most not necessary romantic or no { well im romance favorable and i can enjoy it with anyone } i dont get jealous if they get another partner to if it make them happy im happy too ,

but i really wanna more emotional closeness , i want them to love me more , i also love idea of qpr and i will love them if they see me as bestie too { i value friendship a lot equal as romantic relationship but it honestly depend on person }

i like doing lovey dovey stuff as anyone { our relationship always been lovey dovey and i think it work this way better for us but }

soo uh

idk is it necessary romantic attraction cant i go with alterou attraction, by any way :,[ ?

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