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UK- Looking for friends

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Hi 😊 it's lovely to be welcomed into the community by some amazing folk. Really pleased I found this space!

I'm new to the community and I'm looking to find folk from the UK that might like to connect and make friends? 

Open to all types of connections/orientations but would really like to try and connect with some lithromantic people and allo aros, kinky and other queer types. 

A bit about me, I'm a Non Binary, queer trans masc person, aro allo. I love the out doors, my dog because she's the biggest liability ever 🙆🏻‍♂️, I'm really into music and love meeting new people, I also have an allotment and consider my self to be a fairly outgoing person. 




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there are quite a few of us here from the UK. there are a few uk aros, myself included, who go to the google meet socials so maybe try that if you want to get to know some of us. Other than that some larger cities have local a-spec groups so you might be able to find something that way.


Anyway, hope you like it here

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