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does this make me not aro?


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so basically there's this girl. i met her this year and she's so cool and at first i though it was my typical squish but then she confessed to me... and i already was like thinking i liked her more than a friend and stuff cause i think abt her all the time but her liking me back rlly made me be like "wow" cause no body has ever liked me. anyways i turned her down sorta but we're still friends and i was so worried cause i really really don't want to lose that. and she liked me romantically i think but i like her differently i think? i don't want to go on a date with her but i think abt her so much and like, more than previous squishes ig? this just feels more intense but i don't think it's romantic. she's so fun to be around and i feel so comfortable yet awkward around her.

im also worried i'm lying to her emotions ig cause i'm not out as non binary so she thinks i'm a girl...

ive identified (not fully publicly) as 100% aromantic for nearly two years. does this make that not true?


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I don't think this makes you not aromantic. Even if you wanted a romantic relationship with her that still wouldn't make you not aro (just maybe cupioromantic like me; aro but still wanting a romantic relationship anyways).


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