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an alloromantic but not comfortable to be alloromantic

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hi everyone ik some of u probably have seen my past comment , ik i might be alloromantic and ik its normal for alloromantic to dont feel romantic attraction for period of times but i just dont feel comfortable to be identify as alloromantic, i feel like aroflux since there was time i used to be aromantic then lithromantic then litflux then recipe romantic , then now but the thing most time my crushes lasts for 1-2 day at maximum or if i dont interact with them it goes away untill i see them again or interact with them though there are expections but for my expections the attraction fluid btw alterous and romantic attraction, should i stick to label alloromantic or..?

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Labels exist to make us easier to describe ourselves and make us feel comfortable. If you don't feel that alloromantic describes you and don't feel it like a label that suits you perfectly, then using it wouldn't make sense. I know there is a label that describes a fluctuating orientation, like, you can be aro one day and the next one be hetero allo, or bi allo, and the next time gray aro... I don't know. If alloromantic doesn't sound appealing to you then you can remain unlabelled or look for more specific labels until you find one you feel comfortable with.

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