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pls help i am confusedddd


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Okok so I’ve been thinking for a while now that I might be demiromantic but I never really worried too much about it except I just got asked out again and it’s kinda bringing everything to the surface so now I’m here.

the only person I’ve ever truly, definitely, fully had feelings for is my best friend of like 10+ years. Every time someone asks me out, the thought of being in a relationship terrifies me and I end up saying no. I love the idea of a romantic relationship and am constantly wishing I had a gf or whatever but whenever that opportunity actually presents itself I start panicking and get scared. But I do want to be in a relationship and get married and I fantasize about all that stuff a lot so????

im not sure if it’s bc I’ve only ever gotten asked out by guys (who I’m not usually into) or bc I’m just not into that specific person or maybe I get so confused when I get asked out by a sensible person bc most of the people who ask me out are super toxic (but that’s another can of worms in itself) bUT ANYWAY I’m rambling the point is! I am very confused and idk what it means that I want romantic relationships but get scared when they become real or how deep my connection to the person might have to be or anything basically hahaha ha but yes pls help me I’m driving the struggle bus over here ;-;

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It is hard to answer as only you can know how you really feel.

Maybe if you feel so unconfortable being asked out you shouldn't pushed it and just say no, maybe you are just not interested by the person who asked you out especially if they are toxic as you said, it could a defensive system inside you warning you that this is not a person for you, like an alarm.

It takes time to be sure sometimes, be patient and don't force yourself into something that makes you incomfortable with toxic people, wait to find someone better and see how you will feel.

Being aro doesn't mean that you won't have a relationship and get married it will just be different from the usual romantic relationship but you can have qpr and be happy this way.

Give you the time to know yourself better and do the right choices!

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