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Resources and writing about "abolishing gender"


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I will start by saying I hope I'm not offending someone by making a post with this topic. I know the concept is sometimes used in transphobic ways and that is not my intention. The reason I'm curious about the concept of abolishing gender is that when I think about the progress of society it seems like gender more and more would become something primary used for self identification and not really a useful way to categories. So I'm curious in such a context what new terms would be needed, for example to indicate ones sexual or romantic preference, or to make visible privileges.  

If you know of any interesting writing or other resources about this I would be happy if you shared them with me.

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Where did you look?

What does Google Scholar say? Some of the articles you find there are freely accessible and those that aren’t can usually be found on that one site, that “science hub site from Kazakhstan”, which shall not be named.

Now don’t tell me you’re like writing a thesis about it or the like. Then I would feel stupid telling you such stuff.

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