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Queer History [Important]


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In Florida, there is a bill being passed that would be detrimental to queer youths and families. It’s called the Don’t Say Gay bill and, among other things, it would make all discussions of queerness in primary schools illegal. Parents would be able to sue the teacher/school if they find out, and teachers will also be legally obligated to tell parents if a student is out at school no matter what age- obviously putting lgbtq+ youths and families in possibly dangerous situations.

This bill has been passed in Florida House and is expected to be passed by Senate and the Governor. There are lobbies and other protests going on, but I’m unable to attend as I’m still in high school.

To do my part in combatting this bill, I’m trying raise awareness for it and let other queer people and allies know. 
I’m also trying to put together a comprehensive google document with links and paraphrasing of different queer sources explaining our history and the current environment we live in. I plan on having important lgbtq+ historical figures, legislation in the US (where I live) that affects us, and perspectives from overlapping and intersecting communities (different ethnicities and races, different religions, mentally ill/neurodivergent, mentally/physically disabled, kink, etc.). 
I’m here to ask for help with this google doc. If anyone has any specifics you’d like me to add, some sources that you’ve used and that helped, or if you’re part of an overlapping/intersecting community and would like to share your perspective, please let me know!!! I want this to be open and accessible for as many people as possible, so please give me tips if you have them!!

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On 2/5/2022 at 9:53 PM, alto said:

And maybe you should find a way to talk to this woman:  https://www.montrosecenter.org/welcome-laura-kanter/

I used to know her.  She could be very useful to your cause.

Thank you so much, for both of your suggestions!! I think I will try and reach out to her, would you feel comfortable if I mentioned you when I email/talk to her?

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