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aromantic visibility

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i've noticed that within the lgbtq+ community, not much attention is given to aromantic people. even less attention is given outside of it. in my homeroom there's a printout that says the A in LGBTQIA stands for "asexual" and "ally". allies aren't part of the community. aromantic people are. lots of people forget about aromanticism when they think about the community and it annoys me and i wish that that would change

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That's true, unfortunately. We have to do everything of our own, a few groups and organisations remember about us. In the place where I live, they invite aces to make an interview, write articles and aros seem to don't exist for them. The only one interview focused in 100% on aromanticism that I remember was done with me (in the beginning of my aro activitism and I made some mistakes while responding, so after it I made correction on my own profile).

Also, the problem is much bigger, we can notice it for example when they're talking about asexuality and they use 'aspec' instead of 'acespec' which literally erases our existence.

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