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How to come out as aro?



I'm a questioning aro-spec ace and I'm planning on maybe coming out to close friends soon. I've never came out to anyone directly.

I'm wondering what to expect and what to say. HHow have your experiences coming out been? What questions should I anticipate? Any warnings on what allos might not understand? What should I do if someone is aphobic or doesn't accept me?

I hope someone can answer these questions. Thanks!
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Unfortunately the friends I told were the people who introduced me to the idea of aromanticism. That did make things a lot easier.

As for what they might ask. Maybe have a look at an aromanticism FAQ like this one: https://www.aromanticism.org/en/faq

Presumably those questions are chosen because they are frequently asked so are likely to include some of the questions to anticipate.

As for other questions, possibly be ready to counter the sort of reasoning that says you in particular don't seem aro e.g. 'but you're so loving towards us' or 'but you've been in a relationship', 'but you're so good with children, don't you want a family'. That sort of thing.

There are a few people who have raised similar questions, maybe have a look at these posts if you haven't already. While they are not about friends in particular they might have a few insights.

Have a look with the search bar perhaps or give it a google and you will probably find far more.

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