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There are still so many assumptions about aromanticism


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Even if someone knows about the term aromanticism, which not everyone does, there are still hinders for them to apply it to themselves. The most common one from what I've seen is the assumption one is not aro if one wants a relationship. Or to not understand different types of attraction. I think it'll change over time as more people id as aro, but it sad to think about all those that could have felt acceptance with the label and don't know it.

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A few months ago I accepted I was aro, and I felt proud of it. I was talking to a friend and I told them about it, and they were like "what? No. You are not aro, you are in a relationship, you don't seem to understand the meaning of being aromantic". And after that conversation I felt empty and sad, and I started questioning again. It took me some weeks more to feel confident in my identity again. I feel like there are mainly two options:

1- People don't even know what aromanticism is.

2- If they know about the term, they have misconceptions about it.

Even I had misconceptions about it, and for that reason it took me a lot of time to figure out I am aro. If people knew more about what being aromantic means, I think that our community would be way bigger. 

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