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What is your sexuality/sexual orientation?  

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I'm non-binary so don't feel like the labels of heterosexual/homosexual apply to me since they are in reference to which binary someone is, but I am mostly attracted to women and non-binary people, more often AFAB people but have definitely been attracted to transfemme people too. I think the label that best fits me is trixic.

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Hoo I.. wish this question wasn't so complicated for me to answer!

I'm neu aro, meaning that I'm aromantic but don't consider myself aroace or aroallo. In some ways I really do feel like my sexuality is in the middle of those. Sometimes I can really relate to the experiences of aspec people & feel alienated when allosexual people talk about sex, but other times it's the other way around and I feel like a total outsider among ace people. I experience limited attraction but sex is still important to me, to the point where it never felt quite right labelling myself as aspec.

I also use the niche term medusan, since I'm alterhuman and most of the attraction I do experience is directed at monsters and people in costumes/masks. It affects my orientation enough for me to find this term useful :v

When it comes to gender I'm bisexual. But I rarely call myself that nowadays, because I've struggled so much with my inability to relate to other bi people. I never felt (and still don't feel) "bi enough" (especially because I was never the "omg girls!! I'm so gay!" type, but that's getting off topic).

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