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Advantages and Disadvantages to being aro in your local area


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Following on from this really good topic about the advantages in your country: 


Is there anything more local that is either helpful or annoying to you. 

Also, if being aro impacts how you live, like for me meaning i live alone. How does where you live impact that.

In my case I have a great advantage of living in a place with good local public transit. a fairly cheap bus system, local light rail and decent connections for long distance trips. Compared to elsewhere in the UK it is much easier for me to get around without a car being a necessity, which is very important for someone like me who lives alone as I cannot split that cost as a couple might be able to.

However there are plenty of other places in my country where that isn't true.

Another advantage is that a large amount of the population is made up of young students, so most places tend to be more comfortable with single people doing things on their own. This might not be as true elsewhere in the country.

On the downside, a lot of places not keen on renting to people sharing with friends (largely linked with some places not liking renting to students and a belief that a flat of friends will wreck the place) this means I am stuck living alone which makes it harder to keep the cost down. I don't think this applies across the whole country.

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