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Does Anyone wanna read my scary(?) stories that I made for art class? ;-;


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I showed them to my art teacher and she started like yelling, in my face. No words just, "AAAAAAAAAHaAHa" and was like "Quinn this is so gorey"

Mentally I said "Why thank you. That's what they're supposed to be." But that also kinda made me feel bad bcs she did say some rude stuff I can't remember and I don't know if anyone else will like my stories-

Would anyone like to read them?

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Here for anyone who wants to read it!

I can't really describe them, but I might be able to get pictures of them!

(did the hidden contents thing cause its long)


Nightwalker's Story.

Nightwalker is a Reaper who finds lost souls all over the planet and guides them to the Gates of the Underworld. Nightwalker used to look like a soul, as he started his journey as one. As he Reaps souls he eats the body and he gained a more humanoid form. He is currently seventy two feet tall and growing.

 Mary’s Story.

Mary was born into a Catholic life and family, yet she never really believed in that. She tried telling her family she didn’t believe in the Christian God, and they simply assumed that she meant she wanted to have “more of a relationship” with God, and they made her become a sister. About two years later she tried to say she wasn’t Christian, but an atheist. They did not take that lightly. They had sewn her mouth closed, put her in a sister's dressings and covered her in oil. They sent her into their house and set it on fire. They cleared anything related to her from every database and acted like she never existed... 

The Fates’ Story.

The Fates are a group of three weaving goddesses who assign individual destinies to mortals at birth. Their names are Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos. In the older myths, they were the daughters of Nyx, but later, they are more often portrayed as the offspring of Zeus and Themis. In Orphic cosmogony, their mother is said to have been Ananke or Necessity. Either way, they had enormous power and even Zeus was unable to recall their decisions.

The Story Of GARY.

Gary started his life as a tiny praying mantis, and once he bit a human because it was poking him with a stick while he was trying to hide from a bird. The kid screamed as the praying mantis he was poking to see if it was alive had bitten him was actively growing larger. The kid did not survive that encounter.

Geo’s Story.

(From the POV of an Astronaut) My name is Jauve. I met Geo about three years ago and I will be telling you about him. Geo is what some call “The Universe''. He is  of an alien species called the Ke'zoik. In Ke'zoik years, he is estimated to be four to five years of age. In what we call human years, he is estimated to be 3 trillion years old. Scientists believe that Geo ate our planet among others when people say the “Universe was created”. I am the only person to have met Geo and to come back alive.


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I really like the first one, imagining the nightwalker was... Yeah, scary. The last one is also awesome, I would like to continue reading those ones.

I also love writing, I am working on a book with an aroace main character:)

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27 minutes ago, Quinn_ said:

OoOoOuH~ That sounds awesome! And Nightwalker looks scary, but he's actually a big softie! He's actually aro/ace, haha

Is he a softie? Curious, for a reaper. Will you continue that story?

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