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PDA and repulsion

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so I have these two friends I've been close with both of them for a pretty long time and they've started dating acouple months ago. i've always been kind of a third wheel for this friend when she wasn't allowed to go out alone,I wouldn't mind it at all i thought it was kind of fun. but with her other relationships she would only see her partner like once a week, the person she's dating now who's also my friend, all share about four classes and the PDA is just constant. it was fine at first but now I constantly have to watch them be all over eachother, all the time. It's causing me to avoid them. I care about both of them but sometimes it's just too much, many other people who arent aroace have also commented on it but I think i'm also just extra sensitive to it? does anyone have any ways they deal with having to watch PDA or any experiences like this? 

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I have found that the best way to deal with this is just to break off the friendship.  I'm sorry.  But it's not worth it.  It's really not.  You will just have to watch them be all over all the time, and...

...in my situation, the two had a lot of mutual interests that I didn't have so they wound up leaving me out of stuff a lot anyway.  So yeah.  I strongly recommend leaving them and making some new friends.  I'm sorry.

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