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is it a... Crush?!

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soo sorry i question alot and idk where to ask since most sites are filter in the country im and lgbtq is illegal so im not available to other sites or people

so there is this girl we are besties

and i remember months ago i was crushing at first on her

but after while it faded

and the thing i like do romantic gesture with everyone thats kind so i cant really tell by this

im sure i dont have most of the thing that called { crush signs } on her i dont get

butter flies

sometimes i really wanna free time

yes i like to do romantic gestures with her but still i need my private and freedom

no i dont really blush on less she { mwa* } me wich anyone if do that to me i blush so i cant really say

no i dont daydreaming about Future with her

and many other thing

but when i see she is with her friends and she acts kind as she with me with them too

i feel a bit upsted

ig its jealousy

but why

no i dont get mean with her friend i always try my best to be friendly with new people or generally people

is it crushing?

or its some another attraction?

please any help or advice is helpful <3

thinking that i can be her fav friend it make me really happy though im already friend with her and im happy im one of her fav friends ^^ i think being someone favorite friend is way more precious than being someone romantic partner { i like soft romo relationships though }

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