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Is this a crush or a squish?


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I think that I still want to know a little more about romance as it is a confusing topic for me, and I think the best way to do that is provide an example from my own life. It's a little old, six or seven years ago, but it's the best example I have: I think I had developed a squish/crush on a girl that I had known for at least a few months. We were already friends. I thought she was cute aesthetically from the beginning, but it was more that we bonded over Altoid tins. She liked collecting them, and I would use Altoids to freshen my breath after eating and I had plenty to give. I liked how happy it made her to have them, although I don't know why she liked them, so I gave them to her when I was through with the mints.

I was aware something had changed in how I viewed our relationship, but there was no desire to pursue anything romantically. I didn't want to date her, although I thought about it. Thinking back, I also think I still wouldn't have dated her knowing what I know now. There was also another boy who had a crush on her, and it was obvious that it was a crush by the way he talked about it. Thing is, it didn't bother me. I was happy for him to pursue the relationship, as this girl was already my friend and I didn't feel I needed anything more. A month or so passed and I found out more about her, and the infatuation died out when I realized our interests didn't align.

This has happened a handful of times in my life. I would meet a girl, we would be friends before anything happened, something would switch in my brain, and I was happier to be around them. The idea of dating them though was nerve-wracking. I don't know if this is because I feel I am not good with relationships or something else, but it never interested me beyond obsessive thinking, which is common for my OCD brain. After a few weeks, a month or two at most, the infatuation would die down. There was no heartbreak or pain, just something done with.

Does this sound more like a crush or a squish? If it is a crush, that would mean I am probably demiromantic, right?

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