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Telling squish about feelings


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I told my squish about what I was feeling, not sure what the best way for this was. I gave her a link and was talking to her about the type of feeling, and inadvertently made her uncomfortable with the conversation because it felt too personal for her. I'm in a class with this person and think she seems like a really good friend, but not sure how to fix this situation

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Im no expert, but I would do this... If she still feels uncomfortable, then maybe you should just not talk about it again until she brings it up. I don’t think she feels ready to talk about this squish stuff just yet, for whatever reason... When she is ready to talk to you, then you can talk to her about it more, but I would not suggest talking about the squishes because she doesn’t appear comfortable with it. 

If she brings up the squish topic, then I would recommend that you ask her if she has any questions about it. I don’t know the person but the fact she said it felt too personal may mean she has some insecurities or something like that. 

Overall I would recommend treading slowly, and waiting for her to bring it up.

Again I’m no expert, and definitely do whatever you think is best, this is just a recommendation, or a shot in the dark because I really don’t know the person, or the situation. In other words, take what I say with a grain of salt...

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