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Hi y'all


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My name is Randy, and i stumbled over this site.and signed up. 

Aro identity(ies)

Caedromantic (aromantic because past trauma)

Acoromantic (used to allo/romantic, then had bad experiences.

Apathromantic (indifferent when giving/recieving attraction /attention (?)


Apothiromantic ( not sure.. but want to explore) i hate relationships but still feel attracted physically / sexually anyway


Aroflux, cus im still figuring all this out.

Arovague (moods n mental health n stuff)

I gotta look through all the terms and figure out which apply. 

Basically: relationships feel like traps. I got so scared i couldnt even handle fwb's or tinder meets. I feel like the partner is just gonna mess with me, as  happened before.

I work retail i play video games, watch movies, anime, nature.shows, etc.






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