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Queerplatonic love poem


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I wrote a poem about my feelings for my best friend, now far away, and wanted to see what you think about it. I know it's not the best poetry you'll ever read, but still, it's a reflection of my aro experience. I didn't show it to her yet, and I doubt I ever will, I don't want to freak her out. Anyway, hope you'll like it.


The love of an aroace

Remember when I said you are the light of my life

Maybe you thought I was exagerating

But then why am I incapable of forgetting

The way I felt each time you touched me with your kindness?


I felt seen, I felt safe

I felt capable and free

Free to cry, free to smile

Free to laugh and love


You were always able to say what you think

While still being kind, wow, what a skill

But most importantly, you helped me

Love myself like you love me


But I don't think you understand the extent of my love

I would do anything, hell, even die for you

You know, if I could fall in love

It would have been with you


But I can't, so relax, don't get scared

I wasn't jealous of your boyfriend

Being important to you, feeling loved

By you was all that I ever wanted


What you gave me was more than I could ever ask for

A hug, a helping hand, all your support and love

I never needed anything else; friends are all I live for

But from you I learned how it feels to truly love


I miss you, more than I like to admit

I feel a hole in my soul when you don't answer me

I was really afraid that it would come to this

That I'd depend on you while you won't have time for me


But that's okay, really, don't worry about me

I'm readapting to my country, to my family

I just wanted to tell you what I didn't then know

Best friends felt too little to describe our bond


When I had to let you go, I thought my heart might break

I wasn't prepared to not have you around

You, the person closest to my heart

I loved you in a way you wouldn't understand


Anyways, what can I do?

I will just continue loving you

Like only an aroace can do

There's nothing I would change in my relationship with you


I just wish I knew it sooner

I just wish I could have told you

I just wish it wouldn't scare you

And that we could remain the same, forever


But now you're far away, it's hard to even be a friend

And so, just know you'll always be in my heart

In there you have your own, huge compartment.

I love you, too much -your aroace best friend.

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