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Hey, I'm new here!


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Hey, I recently realized that I'm aro and a friend of mine recommended this forum. 

I grew up in a very religious environment where dating was taboo so I didn't realize I was different until now. I always thought I wanted a romantic relationship because that's what everyone did. A few months ago, I realized I was ace, and that led me to realizing I was aro too. Once I came to the conclusion that I don't actually want to get married, so many things made sense and I was able to picture my future in a way that I couldn't before. I came out to my siblings and friends before my parents, and they were all super accepting which made it easier to tell my parents who are also accepting. I'm very happy with it, but I don't know anyone who's aro in real life and I'm here to hopefully see other people with similar experiences. 

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Good to hear coming out went well. Having an accepting family is a wonderful thing.

As for aros in real life, I was in the same boat as you. Probably the easiest way to talk to people would be the arocalypse discord, which sometimes has people chatting, and the socials:


which are each month and give you a chance to talk to a few people.

I still don't 'know' any aros near me but it gives me the chance to talk to people.

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